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Important Dates 2022-2023 School Year


August 22 - Fall Schedule Begins

August 19-20 - Performing Troupe Auditions

September 2-3 - Aerobatics Circus Festival (Competition Team) 

September 5 - No Classes, Labor Day

September 12 - Performing Troupe Classes Begin 

October 14-15 - Halloween Performance

October 17-22 - No Classes, Fall Break 

November 23-26 - No Classes, Thanksgiving Break

December 5-8 - Winter Recital (All Classes + Competition Team) 

December 16-17 - Winter Show (Performing Troupe)

December 19 - January 1 - No Classes, Winter Break


January 2 - Classes Resume

January 16 - No Classes, Martin Luther King Jr Day

February 17-19 - De Leon Cirque Fest (Competition Team)

February 20 - No Classes, Presidents' Day

March 16-19 - VIVA Fest (Competition Team)

April 3-8 - No Classes, Spring Break

May 15-18 - Spring Recital (All classes + Competition Team)

May 29-June 2 No Classes, Break (Performing Troupes will still rehearse)

June 1-3 - Summer Show (Performing Troupes)

June 5-10 - Aerobatics Closed, Break

June 9-11 - Aerialympics Nationals (Competition Team)

June 12 - Classes Resume, Summer Schedule Begins

July 4 - No classes, Independence Day

July 24 - No Classes, Pioneer Day 

Where are we located? 

763 W Honda Park Drive

Bluffdale, UT 84065

Who can take our classes? 

We specialize in youth circus training. Our classes are for ages 3 to 18. Boys and girls from any background are welcome to train with us. 

New students should attend an Intro to Silks Workshop, which is offered on select Fridays each month. Email us for workshop info. 


If your child has prior aerial silks training experience, please email us. 

Email is the best way to reach us: 

What should my child wear? 

For safety and comfort we have a DRESS CODE we expect all students to follow:

  • Leotard WITH athletic leggings. 

  • No bare midriffs. Back and stomach must be completely covered. 

  • No bare legs. 

  • No zippers, snaps, etc. on clothing. 

  • No jewelry. 

  • Hair must be tied back away from face. 

  • Clean bare feet and hands. 

    • Trampoline and teeterboard students must wear approved footwear. 


Please reference your registration form and parent handbook for a comprehensive list of our policies and procedures at Aerobatics. 

  • Tuition is billed on autopay on the 25th of each month. 

  • Tuition remains the same amount each month. There are no discounts or refunds for missed classes or holidays. 

  • No make up classes

  • Drop notice forms are available in the parent portal and must be submitted before the 20th of each month. 

  • There is a $45 annual non-refundable registration fee per family due each Fall (or upon registration for new students.) 

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