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Class Waitlists

Select a class time below to get on a waitlist.

General Class Information

We have a variety of weekly classes running from 4-8pm on Monday - Thursday. (No weekly class on Fridays) Classes are 50 minutes and are for kids age 6-18, 45 munities for Tots classes age 3-6.


Silks Classes

We start all of our aspiring aerialists in a Silks 1 class. Classes are continual with recurring lessons so that new students can start at any time. Once a student obtains all the skills and develops the fundamentals for their level they can level up. There are 3 levels in our program.

Signing Up On The Waitlists

Select a class time below to get your child on a waitlist for that hour. Waitlists are for age 8-18 unless specified. By signing up for these waitlists here you are not enrolled in a class. Opening are made available for students on our waitlists on a first come first serve basis.


Confirmation and Enrolment

We will let you know of availability through email and to confirm if you want to be enrolled into class.

Once enrolled we will remove your child from all other waitlists and send you a welcome email. This will have additional information outlined in our Parent Handbook. Ex. Schedule, Dress code, Billing Policies, Drop Policies.

Circus Tots Class Waitlists

Age 3-6 Waitlists

Monday Silks 1 Class Waitlists

Tuesday Silks 1 Class Waitlists

No weekly classes on Fridays

Wednesday Silks 1 Class Waitlists

Thursday Silks 1 Class Waitlists

Silks Waitlists

Looking to get into our Acrobat classes.  Let us know via email that your interested and we will send you more information.

Acrobat Waitlists

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