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Duo Trapeze Workshop with Duo Transcend

Over the weekend we had the privilege of hosting a Duo Trapeze Workshop with Tyce and Mary Nielsen from Duo Transcend.

We had a great turn out to our workshop (our first event in our new gym)!

Here is a video showing a little recap of our workshop:

Thank you to everyone who attended! We enjoyed your company and appreciated the fun, positive atmosphere you brought to the gym! You all did a fantastic job!

About Duo Transcend:

Tyce and Mary Nielsen (Duo Transcend) are full time circus performers. They specialize in duo trapeze and have been fortunate enough to travel all over the United States, as well as out of the country, performing their act in professional shows. They received training in catch and release technique from Cirque Du Soleil's Sun Yanhong and have spent the past few years focusing on flying technique and timing. They won both the Audience Choice and Best Performance awards at The Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival for their duo trapeze act, plus auditioned and were accepted into the Cirque Du Soleil talent database. Due to Mary being on Maternity leave until their next contract, Tyce and Mary will be available for a short time for workshops and privates for both beginning and advanced Duo aerial technique which can transfer to multiple apparatuses (Silk, Lyra, Etc...) You can check out some demos of their work at

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