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Aerobatics VIVA Fest Experience

Our students at Aerobatics recently had the chance to perform at The Viva Fest in Las Vegas. Performers and competitors were friendly, making the experience great for some of our nervous students. Kamryn Liimatta who performed a silks routine said "the event didn't really feel like a competition." This due to the event being well organized and the competitors being friendly and supportive.

Viva Fest 2017 was held in Las Vegas on Feb 16-18th. The competition consisted of all kinds of aerial apparatuses and different circus acts for children and adults up to the professional level. The venue was all circus style including a huge white circus tent. Over the weekend of the event it was raining and the tent wasn't perfectly water tight which meant there was rain inside making it interesting. Lance mentioned the rigging was different to what the students were used to at Aerobatics. The silks and hoops were suspended via a winch system, making them bouncy. The students still did fine with things being the way they were for the event.

Utah Aerialists at The VIVA Fest 2017

Performers came from all over to compete in Viva Fest this year. With them came plenty of different styles and ways to perform; this impressed many Aerobatics students and staff who went. The caliber of the performers was inspiring.

Lance Nielsen, owner of Aerobatics stated, "Watching our students and all the other performers was entertaining. The Event was awesome and very well put together... we will definitely be there next year."

Aerobatics Students who performed including their Apparatus and Placement:

-Aly - Rope. 9th. Aerial Silks & Rope 12 -14 yrs Category. -Kamryn - Silks. 6th. Aerial Silks & Rope 15-17 yrs Category. -Kayla - Silks. 3rd. Aerial Silks & Rope 15-17 yrs Category. -Geoff and Jess - Duo Hoop. 5th. Single Point Flying 18+ Category -Wai and Amy - Duo Dance Trapeze. 3rd. Emerging Pro - Duo Category

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