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Channing Hall Field Trip to Aerobatics

Students from Channing Hall were rewarded with a field trip to Aerobatics Performing Arts where students got to learn parkour, aerial silks and hoop, and other circus skills. The Charter School is only a moments walk for the teachers and students to walked to the gym. Students were excited as they entered the facility, looking at all the circus equipment and talking among themselves.

Aerobatics Staff organized the event in a workshop style, dividing the students in three groups to be rotated to learn a few of the major disciplines taught at Aerobatics Performing Arts Center. Samantha Neilsen who showed the students Aerial hoop, noted, "We provide school assemblies, field trips and other special events for schools in Salt Lake and Utah Counties. This is the second time we have seen students from Channing Hall, last year we saw a group of Kindergartners here practicing on our equipment." Eric Higgins who showed off Parkour to the students was surprised how well most the kids picked up on the discipline. He was also glad to see them succeed and have so much fun.

Watch the short video from the event to see all the student action doing silks, hoop, and parkour.

Interested in more information about our school assemblies, field trips, Birthday parties and other special events. Contact Aerobatics Performing Arts. Interested in taking classes with us? Visit our website and click on our classes tab: or email us at

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